Getting Started With Blogging

There are a lot of blogging sites out there. Before choosing WordPress I considered a few others:

  • Blogger – Blogger puts some adds on your blog which can make it somewhat unappealing to the eye. Though since, it was bought by google, it integrates nicely with some google products such as AdSense.
  • LiveJournal – LiveJournal has some social networking features that allow you to keep up to date on fellow bloggers. Though they do not offer any options to monetize your blog.
  • WordPress – WordPress was very easy to get started with. Only took me a few minutes. It also allows you to provide your own hosting.
Over the past ten years the growth of blogging has become explosive. As can be seen from the graph below taken from here. It’s created a whole new source of news. Now we not only get the larger picture of news from established news sources such as newspapers and television, but not we are also able to read an individuals perspective. Over the past year I’ve spent more time reading blogs than on traditional news sources. Blogs offer a personal touch, a sense of connection.

In some cases the lines between print journalism and blogs have even blurred. Several print journalists and have started their own blogs. Although there are skeptics. Mike Smartt, editor of BBC News Online, told said, “Dissemination of information is great, but how much of it is trustworthy?” Blogs may not be quite as trustworthy, but they should be taken for what they are, a personal account.
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